..."a high octane, dance driven, folk fusion outfit that offer a melting pot of Irish, Folk, Gypsy and Balkan styles to create a distinctive and infectious music, setting them apart as world music trail blazers in Northern Ireland". A passion for travel, Balkan music and culture brought the group together, united by an ethos fuelled by the exploration and celebration of cultural diversity through music. Influences in traditional music, classical, jazz, rock and folk pepper and permeate the eclectic groups sound enthralling audiences from all over Ireland since the bands formation in 2008. 


The last ten years has seen them produce, promote and preserve the World Music scene in Northern Ireland, introducing live audiences to new music and cultures in addition to working within communities through interactive music performances and workshops. 


The fact the band are an all-Irish outfit is an important element of the group and hints of this echo throughout their sound. Entirely at home on the big stage, the band has toured festivals throughout Ireland, U.K and Europe over the last few years including major Festivals such as Glastonbury, WOMAD, Tradicionarius (Esp),MELA and PATRYKA (Poland). They run their own International Music Club in Derry, Northern Ireland and regularly host bands from all over Europe and beyond, sharing the stage to embrace music and culture.