BASORK is a ten piece fusion group whose compositions are influenced by Irish, European and Middle Eastern sounds. Brass, Strings and Woodwind combine with hints of jazz, funk and various traditional musics with big melodies and lots of improvisation. 

Martin Coyle - Bouzouki, Baglama, Backing Vocal

Marc Forbes - Bass

Robert Peoples - Violin

Aideen Davis - Vocal

Conor McAuley - Drums & Percussion

Paul Cutliffe - Saxophone, Clarinet & Whistle

Donal McGuinness - Trombone

Robert Goodman - Trumpet

Amanda Koser-Gillespie - Tuba

Tom Byrne - Harmonica (guest soloist)

Nick Roth -  Saxophone (guest soloist)

Lucia McGinnis - Harp (guest soloist)

Abby Oliveira - Spoken Word (guest soloist)


Full feature and in depth interview from Culture N.I. about the origins of BASORK, it's members, influences and unique sound.